Welcome to a page that can take you on a journey. Given below is visualisation . .. or 'guided meditation' if you prefer that term. It is suggested that you load the full page, including the image, then log off before trying it out.


OK, so you're off line and unlikely to be disturbed for a while. Read the following text carefully to get a feel for what's going to happen. Get comfortable then read it again, allowing the intent to build up in your mind. Scroll down to the image and let it lead you on a journey into your inner world . . and others. Once you've got a feel for the process, close your eyes . . . or turn off your computer and try the exercise again in peace. It is something you can do any time, any place, anywhere . . .although it's recommended that you don't do it whilst driving or doing anything else that requires that you keep your eyes open!

A Visualisation to exercise the imagination

You're feeling full of energy, bouncy, in need of some exercise but want to have fun at the same time. So let your mind take you dancing . . maybe on your own, or maybe with some-one special, or maybe with a gang of yours. Bring to mind the friends who you'd go with. What would you be wearing?

Now you're in the midst of dancers, the music starts up. What sort of music is it? Country and Western, Big Band, Jive? Let it sound in your brain, so your feet start tapping. Maybe it's something new for you! You watch those around you having fun and KNOW that you can do it just as well. These are your dreams! You can do anything!

Perhaps the floor clears to leave you dancing solo. What would you do to impress the onlookers? Or perhaps someone special asks you to dance with them . . maybe you know them . . or maybe you didn't then but do now!

This is YOUR dance. You can dance all night long or for just a few moments. You can do what ever everybody else is doing . . or your own thing. The Lord of the Dance is with you! Are you dancing fast or slow? Spinning or gyrating? Let all those feelings surface in and through the moves you make . . and there's nobody around to tell you to behave!

Dance like you've never danced before . . and enjoy.

from Rosy Tinted Glasses by Julie Rose Bills & Keith Beasley
for details of this book of visualisations, see here

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We hope you had a good time. Our imaginations can often lead us places we'd like to go but are not ready to go in the physical world . . . guided meditations such as this can help us explore possibilities . . . and make those decisions we NEED to make.

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This experience has been brought to you by Reiki Master Keith Beasley - helping you to free and find yourself.