Holistic Health FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about living holistically


What is meant by 'holistic'?
There are many definitions, but 'whole' is a good start. 'Mind, Body & Soul' is another notion that can take us in the right direction.

What then is 'holistic health'?
It usually means looking at our health not just in the context of absence (or otherwise) of particular medical conditions, but as the sum of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Taking an holistic approach to our health and wellbeing means looking not just at the physical causes of illnesses (and accidents) but also those related to our emotional state, what's going on it our lives at the time, etc..

Who can benefit from such an approach?
Anyone! You don't have to be 'ill' in the conventional sense of the world to benefit. Looking at our holistic health can also help us if we're unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed or at a cross-roads in our life.

How does it work?
Any therapist, counsellor, healer, life-guide (etc..) working holistically will take a while getting to know you, enabling and encouraging you to describe . . . in your own way in your own time . . . what's wrong . . . and what's right about your life. By looking at your life situations and background and at all sorts of factors affecting your health and well-being, we'll get a feel for what is really underlying any ill health or unhappiness. They will then encourage you to see this 'higher truth' for yourself. They can only help you if you are willing and able to help yourself . . . by accepting responsibility for yourself.

What's the treatment?
Whatever you need. The following are typical 'prescriptions':

  • plenty of rest and fresh air, perhaps with country walks

  • Reiki healing (or training)

  • drawing, painting, writing and general creative artwork

  • wholesome, authentic, food

  • opportunities to talk & share your dreams and disappointments

  • use of divinations to provide further insight on root causes and 'where next' to go

  • helping with a natural garden to connect to Mother Earth

Everybody is different. A good holistic practitioner is unlikely to tell you what to expect in advance and will often work intuitively and spontaneously.

An example of this might be in respect of 'Balance'. Whilst there are many therapies that claim to restore 'balance' in various ways (chakra balancing, for example) such therapies are rarely a panacea. They might help but few, on their own, would be sufficient to make your life happy and pain-free.

What, in my experience, is needed to feel balanced, is to be able to listen to your body and higher-self and to act accordingly: to get the right balance of work, rest and play; to find your personal balance (over the course of a day, week, month or year) between time alone, time with nature, time with family, time sharing with others generally, etc...

Whatever some book or therapist might say, feeling out of balance . . . and the unhappiness and illness that that causes . . . usually requires getting our lives back into balance . . . in what we do and how we think.


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