Aspects of Love

One way of understanding and applying the notion of ‘being present’ is to consider how to truly connect to the world around us in our day-to-day life. i.e. how we love. Unfortunately many (most?) of us have been brought up with over-developed ideas of romantic and sexual love and can often only see love in these terms. The objective of this workshop is to explore other facets of love and show how, by extending the scope of our loving actions and activities, we can be present in the world in many, wonderful, ways.


  1. Who and what do we love? How?
    “I love chocolate cookies” = ‘love’ devalued?

  2. Romantic Love/Divine Love – a contrast
    Feeling connected . . . but to what extent?

  3. Being in love, being present – are they the same thing?

  4. Aspects of Love
    Love the one you’re with, ways of connecting day-to-day

  5. Finding a balance in our activities . . . and related aspects of love
    A spiritual directors role

  6. Being present in a learning/growing relationship – courage through love
    Soul-mates; spiritual directors, mentors, etc.

  7. The practice – experiencing connecting and healing – here and now

Benefits of Workshop

It's hoped that, by attending this session, you may well have:

  • Reflected on how ‘being present’ is also about ‘living to love’ and how there are many aspects to this love. For example: Motherly Love, Brotherly Love, Community Spirit, Love of Nature, Love of Self, Romantic/Erotic Love

  • Had an opportunity to share on the relative importance and practice of each of these sorts of love and how fully engaging in them makes life worthwhile

  • Discussed how life guidance, pastoring, mentoring, spiritual direction (etc.) is often about helping others find balance in their lives (e.g. between work, rest and play) and how each of these facets of our lives provides different opportunities for loving others . . . in an appropriate and rewarding way

  • Felt the flow of divine and brotherly love through an experiential healing within the participating group

  • Compared and contrasted romantic love and the related ‘being in love’ phase with the love that comes through ‘being present’

  • Explored the many people and things we love and the wide range of ways in which we do it . . . and questioned which of these have the quality of ‘being present’


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