The Transformation Game


Play . . . and change yourself for the better!


I first came across The Transformation Game, the famous game of personal growth, invented at Findhorn, in around 1990. It was a weekend's faciltitated session which had a major impact in helping me through a major dificulty I had with my job at the time.

A few years later, after I became a Reiki teacher and was looking for tools to complement the energy healing of Reiki, I saw the TG (as I call it) for sale in my local Mind-Body-Soul shop in Northampton. I treated myself and started using the game for myself and with associates. Without questions we all found it an amazingly insighful and powerful way to tap into our own higher truths . . . and thus move on in life.

Having experienced how the game works over many years, both at the practical and therapeutic level, I now include it amongst my extensive range of tools and techiques when helping others on their journey.

If you're intruqued by the TG and would like to include it's use within a session with me, please ask.


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