The Key


To Health, Wealth & Happiness


Perhaps you've tried 'The Secret' but found it gives more questions than answers?

Or maybe you have been practising meditation, yoga, Reiki or another technique or path for years but are still stuck in the same unfulfilling job or unhappy relationship?

If you feel that there is something more to life but are tired of all the unrealistic promises found in many books and workshops, then you need The Key:

• The ancient wisdom that even 'The Secret' doesn't really tell you about.

• The missing link from many paths and techniques.

It's time you knew it . . . for your sake and that of humanity.

What Is 'The Key'?

That's a bit like asking if you can borrow my key to get into your house, or the key to my car to drive yours - they wouldn't work. Just as we each have different physical keys to unlock our different material possessions so too do we each have our own key to our true self . . . and thus to our personal health, wealth and happiness. Whilst there are many features in common between our personal keys, to make the break-through in most self-help techniques or spiritual paths we have to start looking for who and what we are, as an individual . . . this is one facet of The Key.

For me to help you find and use your personal Key I need to know that you are ready for what the key might unlock. For me, or any coach, guide or counsellor, to really assist your road to the true you (and the health, wealth and happiness that brings with it) I'll need to see that you're ready, willing and able to look at yourself as others see you.

OK: If you're still reading then we can probably work together! There are three ways we can do this:

In Bangor

If you live in, or can travel to Bangor in Wales, then I can arrange a Workshop or Consultation for you here. Because I target each session to you . . . and work intuitively, there is no set programme for such sessions. Tools and techniques will be chosen from our List of Workshops, as appropriate: if you are drawn to any of these, I'll usually be happy to include them in our work together. Contact me to arrange a session now.

By On-line Consultations

The easiest thing to arrange is an on-line consultation. Although working at a distance has a few (practical) limitations, most of the techniques in our List of Workshops are still available to us. Being 1-to-1 sessions you are also assured of a personal programme and individual attention. See here for details.

By arranging a workshop

If you're part of a group or could arrange a suitable gathering of open-minded individuals it could well be possible for me to visit your location and run an event on The Key for you. To discuss this option, please contact me.

About Keith

Life Guide Keith Beasley is author of A Brave New World Emerging & Reiki - Without Rules. Since 1987 Keith has been exploring philosophies and practices, ancient wisdom and new age techniques. All seemed to lack a certain something which only life itself, eventually unveiled to him.

After living most of his life in rural Northamptonshire (England), Keith spent two years near Brighton, meeting wonderful Healing Artists. In 2005 he moved to the Western Algarve where he runs workshops and enjoys this beautiful part of the world.


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