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Art & Life-story workshop

Keith Beasley


Create your life story in Art

Understand your life using the Arts

Are you stuck with your art, your work, your relationship . . . or your life generally?
Then maybe you need to review your life so far . . . to help identify any blocks
and thus help you to move on. One powerful and often enjoyable way of doing this
is through the Arts - particularly drawing & painting or writing.

By focusing on our past, in a creative & expressive way, so we can unlock those things
that hold us back . . . and accept those things that are beyond change.

What IS history anyway?

If you've ever studied any form of history, you've probably realised that history depends on who's telling it and what their angle, interest and message is. The two 'sides' in a war are hardly likely to tell its story in the same way! Likewise, as we tell our own story, we can choose how we tell our life's history . . . and what we leave in and take out:

For example we could tell our . . .

Geography History - significant PLACES during our lives, through photos perhaps
or our
Relationship History - Significant PEOPLE, through their names for us & sayings
or our
Artistic History - of our CREATIVE Self, using actual works of art from over the years
or our
Soul Journey - key events that have opened us up to new dimensions of ourselves,
expressed in music or through a mini play

The aim of such histories is bring to the fore and express feelings about things we thought we'd forgotten about . . . but which may well be holding us back . . . and find a more realistic perspective to our present lives. These histories are not about factual accuracy, they're not legal records but free-flowing reviews of those facets of our past that need an airing. Such expression is liberating and often joyous

Why Art? How?

Art has the ability to tap into our inner core and take our minds above its normal rational machinations. We might draw a 'life-line' or write an epitaph or create a biographical animation or painting. Whatever we're drawn to! Our role at Pintados will be to enable your 'art history', help you interpret it if necessary and provide triggers and techniques to help you through any blocks or uncertainties.

As an example of how a 'life review' can help us move on, here's Keith's life in words . . .
and a slide show (1.6Mb - needs Flash player). Writing these really enabled me
to accept that the past was just that . . . and thus had no more hold over me
. . . I'm thus now free to move on.

Cataloguing our past through Art
as a catalyst for a whole new future

Keith's approach:
We use a wide range of techniques and exercises to help you review your past and move on in your life, using our own intuition and experience to offer the most suitable approach to you and your situation. Our methods include:

- Active Listening
- Reiki Healing (both given by us and enabled within you)
- Creative and expressive Art (collage, drawing
voice work, music, dance, writing, etc)
- Guided visualisations
- Divinations (Angel Cards, word & text divis', etc.)

Whilst many of these techniques originate from well respected sources we adapt them
and add our own methods to ensure an experience that is both special and, we hope,
of real benefit to you.

We are pleased to offer these consultations and workshops to individuals seeking a partner or to couples looking for some guidance and support on their path together.

Where appropriate we work as a couple and are always willing and able to share our own experience of facing our past and moving on from it.


Contact me to make arrangements


I look forward to working with you.



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