Mentoring for Writers & Creative Writing Enablers

One-to-one support and guidance for anyone working as a creative writer or using creative writing therapeutically . . . or hoping to move into these areas.

We are pleased to help you:

  • Identify your true calling in the creative writing field
  • Use your writing creativity and to enable your own personal growth (and those of others, if appropriate)
  • Work through blocks (such as issues of self esteem, fear, etc.)
  • Tap into and use your inherent intuition & imagination to assist your work and life journeys
  • Find inspiration and develop ways of working with it


free 20 minute (or equivalent e-mail) consultations are available
to assess your needs
and find out how we can help you

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The particular focus of thes sessions is to guide and assist anyone using creative writing on their path to self awareness. We view the development of our creative and intuitive senses as part of our personal self, professional and spiritual development and help those we work with to 'open up' to our inner, divine self; enabling you to realise your full potential. Using Reiki (healing), guided meditations, (usually visual) art techniques, as well as some divinations, we provide a joyous and inspiring environment to free our expressive and real selves.

Keith Beasley is a teacher of Reiki Healing (for personal self development) and on the Lapidus mentors list. Liz and Keith bring together art (in any and all forms) with healing in a creative and effective way to bring out the best in you.

Mentoring sessions will be tailored to suit your own particular needs in location, content & timing. Being self-employed and free of organisational restrictions we're able to offer a flexible and fair priced service.

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