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Reiki - Without Rules
Keith's liberating book on how to get the most from Reiki . . . and yourself.

Reiki from Keith is available as:

- Introductory session (£50 for 45 minutes)

- All levels of Reiki training (see below for details)

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Reiki and Relationships: how Reiki can improve your love life! 

Relaxation and inspiration for researchers: Reiki Healing (.pdf)

Keith is dedicated to promoting Reiki in a way that enables and encourages us to find our own approach towards and use of Reiki. In so far as labels and categories are relevant to Reiki, he describes his style of Reiki as 'Free-style Reiki'. Please explore this site for a flavour of what that means in practice.


What it is

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy. It is a method of tuning our minds and bodies into this natural, healing, energy and thus becoming able to tap into our full potential.

It takes a number of forms, the most usual of which is 'hands on' healing during which the energy for healing is directed through touch.


What it isn't

Reiki is not a religion or philosophy, nor does it involve strict rituals, chanting or any implements. It is wholly consistent with other holistic therapies since it treats mind and body as one.

Even with 'hand-on' healing, Reiki does not involve applying pressure to the patient, although they may experience a warming sensation or other physical indications of energies at work.



The roots of Reiki lie in ancient Buddhist teachings. In the early part of this century Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer, discovered how to attune the body's energy field to receive and direct Reiki energy. The original technique has since spread to Europe and America through Reiki Masters trained by pupils of Usui.



The range of uses of Reiki is as extensive as Reiki is powerful. Because it is an energy which can adapt itself to a given situation, the role of the Reiki practitioner is to focus the energy: to channel the healing forces to the condition or issue of concern.

Reiki is considered by those who use it to be of significant benefit in treating::

Because it can be applied anytime, any place, Reiki is ideal for STRESS MANAGEMENT. Read on to find out how it can help you:


Personal Transformation

Besides offering therapeutic treatments aimed at curing specific conditions or at general relaxation, Reiki is intended to be used by individuals to help their own personal development: to find their true self, to help break out of a rut, or otherwise move forward into a way of living that is more fulfilling and natural. It does this by opening our hearts and minds to the Universal Energy and thus assists us to find balance in our lives: between logical and creative; material and spiritual. Reiki energy helps to 'zap' away the mental blocks that often prevent us from moving forward, and works to retune minds into a healthier, free-thinking state. Reiki is an ideal way of learning to enjoy life again and of finding fulfilment.

For more on what Reiki is and isn't, see Frequently Asked Reiki Questions


About Keith

Keith is a Reiki Master in alignment with the Usui Method. He has used Reiki extensively on himself to enable him to make a number of major life changes - as described here! He has been teaching Reiki since 1996 during which time he has worked with Reiki Masters and practitioners from many schools. His focus has been on 'Reiki in the real world', rather than pursuing other techniques or therapies. This work has given him a depth and breadth of true Reiki experience which he is pleased to share with others and offer in his training and consultations.


On-line Reiki Training

After nearly 20 years teaching Reiki face-to-face I've now transferred my approach and experience to the best on-line course methods available. Usui reiki on-line brings you the best of my insights, down-to-earth guidance with the flexibility to take my Reiki course from anywhere in the world, in your own time. As with my 'real-life' courses, the emphasis is on Reiki for personal growth and self-healing.

Contact me to arrange



Other Services Available


45 minute introductory sessions are available at 50. To arrange an appointment or discuss how Reiki might help you, please use the response form



Keith organises and presents Reiki training sessions which aim to attune you to Reiki and enable you to take a more active part in improving your life. He provides not just training in a technique but guidance on it's application for you in your particular situation. For this reason I spread my Reiki courses over 2 or more days to give you more opportunity to reflect and assimilate this powerful technique more fully.

The cost for a Reiki I or Reiki II training is 100-£150 each. Precise cost varies depending on venue, meal arrangements and numbers attending.


First Degree Reiki training is open to anybody and enables you to heal yourself and others.

Training courses for Second Degree Reiki is available for anyone who has First Degree and focuses on healing at the emotional and 'mind' level. It includes the Reiki symbols and instruction in 'absent healing'

Reiki Master Training (for those wishing to further develop from Second Degree) is also offered. This is usually over 3 days and costs 500, again including certificate . .. and Masters Manual.

If you are interested in attending any of these courses please contact Keith.


For a 'feel' as to my approach to Reiki, you might like to look at my Reiki FAQ and Reiki as a path to Enlightenment article.


Introductory Workshops

For those who want to know more before committing themselves to a treatment or full training, I run introductory sessions.

If you have a group (based in or able to visit Bangor) who would like to here more about Reiki, then short workshops or talks can be arranged for your organisation. These can last from 45 minutes to a whole day and would include a short demonstration and description of what Reiki is and how it can help you. Where appropriate a charge would be made to cover costs. Such workshops could be provided (for example):

* During lunchtime in (or close to) a place of work

* To a group of friends in one of their homes, urbanisation, etc

* To a monthly meeting of any local group (e.g. ex-pat group, meditation circle, etc.)

To discuss any of the above options, contact me


Reiki Refreshers

I actively support Reiki sharings between Reiki practitioners from any 'branch' (lineage) of Reiki. Besides treatments swaps I'm keen to enable the comparison (and swapping) of attunements and symbol usage with anybody who has received such training themselves. "I believe that by sharing our experiences and comparing procedures we can all learn more about Reiki, its core truths and greatest potential". 

 To encourage this growth, to satisfy that inner quest for truth and to help all those in Reiki feel part of a 'Reiki Community' I organise occasional 'Reiki Refreshers'  - an opportunity to meet kindred spirits and share openly with others on the Reiki path . . . independent of teacher or school. i.e. in the true spirit of Reiki!

Support service

Have you lost touch with your Reiki Master? Would you welcome some guidance on how to use Reiki to help you in your day to day lives? Have you forgotten the Reiki you've learn and need a 'reminder'? Then, hopefully, I can help! 

In addition to the Reiki Refreshers and shares described above, we are pleased to offer a support and guidance service to Reiki practitioners of any level or lineage. Whether you'd like a consultation of an hour, a day or a series of session over a longer period I am happy to discuss such  arrangements.

If you can't get to me in person, my support is also available on-line.


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