Global Prayer


Every few days, or at least weeks we seem to have a call to join in a global prayer for some deserving cause. Many have very specific times and/or chants . . . and often arrive too late to spread the invitation around our circle of kindred spirits. So how can we show our support for such enlightening activities without having to take on board all the details . . . which may well be of little direct relevance to our own lives and soul purpose?


Simple! We can pray . .. that ‘Our Will Be Done’. We can join our minds, hearts and souls with the growing band of ‘Light Workers’ and ‘Cosmic Creatives’. With a common goal of ‘the greater good’, we can all rise to our highest potential.


This is a visualisation I find useful in achieving this sense of connection with kindred spirits around the globe . . whatever their particular cause!



Sit or lie comfortably, letting your hands rest over your heart and/or stomach. Imagine that your heart is a light - perhaps a glowing golden orb or a purple flame (or whatever feel rights for you). See and feel the light pulse in time with your pulse and/or breathing, gradually spreading out. Allow the light, your inner light, your divine spark, filling your body and shining out through you whole being.


And now be aware of other lights shining from other kindred spirits: those you pray or meditate with, friends and neighbours who you know practice yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi etc. Bring to mind all those you know who are open to the truth, love and light of One-ness. Be aware of others reading this visualisation and all the other wonderful inspiration pages on the web.


Allow the lights from all of these ‘Being of Light’ to grow brighter, stronger, as we KNOW we are not alone. As each inner light grows it meets and merges with surrounding lights. Feel you own light join with your local aware friends and spiritual groups. Imaging the various colours of individual flames combining into a rainbow of lights and/or a powerful, pure white light. The Light covers your neighbourhood and touches lights from other area, spreading over your country, your continent. KNOW that all around the earth are others doing a similar exercise, forming a blanket of love around the globe.


Feel the unity and harmony of this One World and your part in it, THIS is the new humanity. From it we can see ‘the bigger picture’ and KNOW what WE have to do. By being part of The One we have the power to achieve that which will bring heaven to this earth.


Whilst still ‘connected’ to this One-ness open your eyes and look around you. KNOW that you are still connected, that your inner light is still part of The One Light . . . that we can . . . and must . .. allow our light to shine in the day-to-day world around us . . . in whatever way that light guides us!



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