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What are Angels . . .

and what can they do for us?

Welcome to the world of peace-bringing friends, of spirit guides and of beings that are probably more real than some would like to admit!

In this world of hustle and stress we all need someone, or something to help us on our way . . . but all too often the other humans around us are not willing or able to provide the support or wisdom we require . . . enter angels!

As many of us seek more natural and peaceful ways of living, so too are we becoming aware of something 'otherworldly', of a spiritual dimension to our lives. Angels provide us with a wonderful way of accessing this aspect of ourselves . . . and we find that Angels, however we might like to describe them or explain them, are always there for us!

Although to many of us, Angels are the white beings with halos we see on Christmas cards, they can take many different forms: indeed, the form may be less important than the experience . . . 

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Angels and Algarve Owl Workshops

Because we feel that Angels are one way amongst many of connecting to the divine within us, we embrace Angel energy and will often work with angels within many of our Healing Arts workshops . . . 

Specific Angel Workshops (or within Where Next Cosultations and New Ideas Workshops, for example), are thus opportunities to (re)connect to YOUR angel and to find out how to communicate with her, him, or it, as and when we most need some inner strength and higher wisdom.

As and when appropriate during our work with you we will select and use some or all of the following topics:

  • Perceptions of Angels - how DO we see and sense them?!

  • Meeting our Guardian Angel - visualisation exercise

  • "Entertaining Angels Unaware" - video on angelic experiences

  • What IS an Angel and how can it help us?

  • Angel Divinations - Angel Cards - angel qualities, an opportunity to make your own angel cards

  • Guidance and support - using the cards and other divination methods

As with all ways of sensing, experiencing and explaining the divine, psychic and spiritual we are pleased to share experiences and ideas on Angel encounters - as part of the path to truth and light that we are all on.


Angel Days

From time to time we hold workshops with a definite Angel focus, for other organisations. If you'd like a workshop tailored for your group (be if of ceative writers, therapists, old people, etc), we'd be pleased to discuss it.


Angel Readings

We have a wide variety of Angel Cards - including those we make ourselves at some of our Angel Day and Healing Art workshops. We're also able to tune into the angels within and help you hear what they'd like you to know . . . and to encourage and enable you to see the higher truth about issues and questions in your life. Such 'angel readings' are available:

  • As Hour Long Consultations

  • As 10 minute readings at suitable holistic, craft or community event

Contact me to arrange one


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