Frequently Asked Questions about Angels and other high energy beings


1. What IS an Angel?

What indeed!? It's very much a matter of opinion and belief. If somebody starts telling you definitive facts about angels BEWARE! All anyone can give us, in respects of Angels (or anything else for that matter!) is their personal ideas as to what an Angel is  . . . based on their own experiences and theories. This does not make what they say fact . . . no matter how many books they've sold!

But anyway, back to the question! For the purposes of this FAQ, we'll consider an 'Angel' to be an 'high energy being'  - i.e. a spiritual being, an entity that resides in dimensions above and beyond our normal 3-Dimensional human world.

We can also consider an angel to be someone who helps or rescues others (see 4).


2. Can an Angel live on earth?

 The simple answer is yes . . . though there's probably two separate questions here. Firstly it's worth clarifying that although most humans live in a 3D world an increasing number would tell you that there are actually far more dimensions to this human form and earthly life than we've been lead to believe. Likewise, just because an angel normally exists in dimensions few of us have much comprehension (or experience) of doesn't mean it can't make itself seen, heard or felt in our limited 3D existence. We humans can, most definitely, sense the presence of angels both through our normal 5 senses and through our 6th (intuitive) sense. It follows then that angels must be around and about us on mother earth.

The second question is to take this a step further:


3. Can an Angel take human form?

Many humans who have had more direct and physical experiences of angels coming into their lives will answer an emphatic "Yes!" to this question. There is much first hand experiential evidence of humans seeing, hearing or even touching beings that later turned out not to be human  . . . but gave the appearance of being so.  In most of these situations, the experience was short lived, typically lasting seconds or minutes, but occasionally for some hours. It could be then that angels are able to materialise into our 3D space and linear time so that we are able to sense them directly.

Again, this questions begs another:


4. Can an Angel live on earth as a human?

i.e. if an angel can take human form for a few minutes or hours, might there also be angels LIVING AMONGST US as fellow human beings? Yes! Why not! Did not some consider Mother Teresa to be an angel? There are a number of 'enlightened' individuals alive on earth whom some consider to be 'the embodiment' of truly divine beings: Mother Meera and Sai Baba in our time, for example and obviously Jesus, Buddha and others in previous times.


5. But doesn't an Angel have to have wings and a halo?

Why? We've been conditioned, particularly through Christian imagery, to believe that Angels all have white wings and glow . . . but is that not just a pictorial way of showing them to be beings of light? Light in terms of being able to fly above earthly concerns  - to live beyond a 3D form. That doesn't mean some of them might not exist in a material body too!


6. What about Archangels and seraphim, etc?

You mean: is there a hierarchy of angels? Some closer to us humans, some closer to God? I'm not at all sure about that! Just because we like to label and categorise and look up to certain beings we've been told are 'greater' than us, doesn't mean angels do actually arrange themselves in such a way. Why should they? They're being of Light, they seem to exist in all time and all space  . . . at levels way above the human mind's rational labels and need to pigeonhole everything and everybody! However, it maybe that some angels are more evolved than others.


7. Do Angels have names and/or specific roles?

Again, why should they? Why should these ultra powerful, extra wise beings be restricted to a single job . ..  or need a human name? To understand Angels we need to rise above our limited human thinking, to stop tarring them with the brush we use to describe conventional humans.

It is true that many individuals who work with Angels do give them names. Indeed, many will claim that the angels themselves have told them that they are called Michael or Uriel for example. To communicate with us, they may well adopt our conventions - so that we find it easier to relate to them . ..  but that doesn't mean they use such names amongst themselves!


8. Are Angels messengers of God?

Yes . . . although again it depends on your definition and what you mean by such terms. If by 'God' we mean 'The One-ness' of 'Life, the Universe and Everything', the divine creator, that which transcends all time and space and knows everything because it IS everything . . .  then we can consider Angels as providing a means for us humans to connect to this omnipotence and omniscience.

The word 'messenger' may however be misleading: it implies a creature that physically flies between 'heaven' and 'earth' with specific messages from 'Our Father in Heaven' to his subjects. Such a description rather misses the point that God and Angels exist in all time and all space . ..  they are already and always amongst us!

Perhaps a more accurate, or at least useful, way of describing how the Angels act as intermediaries between us and God is to consider than as channels for divine wisdom and universal energy. They provide a means by which our conscious minds and physical bodies can sense the divine presence and receive the guidance and support we need.


9. Do angels talk to us?

The description we give to the receipt of such information from angels will depend on our beliefs and perceptions. For example, as practicing Christians we may say we received the answer to our problems through prayer  . . .  that God spoke to us. Those of us who meditate might say that we reached a communion with our higher self, the God within us, and through that communion 'saw the light' and received our answers. Others would say that an Angel came down and spoke to them!

However we describe our communication with and messages from God, the results are the same - a higher level KNOWING, a sense of peace and rightness . . . does it really matter what words we use to describe such an experience?!


10. So how DO I have an angel experience?

Angels DO come to us when we're most in need  . . . and/or when we ask them to . . . so one approach is to do just that!  . .  ask your guardian angel to be with you! But there's no need to wait until your darkest hour; there is much we can do to allow angels into our lives. Basically we can let them know we're open to them and clear our minds and lives to allow ourselves to sense them:

Do whatever works for you to help you connect to your higher self. Practice whatever techniques enable you to rise above your conscious, rational, rambling mind and brings you a sense of inner peace and deeper calm. The difficulty can be that the more we try the LESS likely we'll have an angelic or mystic order experience! Such moments come when we ALLOW them to . .. when we 'go with the flow' of the natural order of things . .. which is just where angels can most often be found!

The sort of practices that often help us BE with an angelic presence include yoga, meditation, Reiki healing, visualisations, prayer, practising an art form, walks in a natural & peaceful place, etc. Also by being amongst others open to such experiences we're far more likely to have one ourselves. The Keith runs workshops (on request) which, during a day or weekend, provide a number of opportunities to meet angels, to share with kindred spirits and to learn a few techniques for communicating with angels.


11. Can we BE our OWN angel?

Yes! Or at least we can work in that direction. The more we use techniques that help us to commune with angels and develop ourselves as spiritual beings, the more angelic we become. This is where commitment to any spiritual path is taking us . . . towards enlightenment . . . being spiritual beings here on earth . . . being our own angels, at peace with ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Seeing angels in this way reminds us that to live amongst angels we too need to behave like we expect angels to . . . with patience, understanding, love and wisdom. We're all capable of it . . . although for many of us it requires some hard work letting go of old habits and beliefs. But if that's what it takes to meet angels . . . and find the one within us . . . isn't it worth the effort?


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