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Making Friends with Time

Time Management with a difference!


Never have enough time to do what needs to be done? Can't find the time to get help? There is little doubt that time is the enemy of most of us. Or is it? Perhaps it is our attitude to time that creates the difficulties? Maybe by considering it as our friend, by working with time we can get done what really needs to be done!

This workshop addresses the issue of time management by providing alternative strategies in planning and using our time. It encourages us to take a step back and let things happen in their own time, it offers techniques that allow us to rise above short term panic situations and focus on the real matters of importance.

The  workshop is designed to be both informative and fun, with an emphasis on participation. . . letting some speaker rant on is not good use of time!


Typical Programme

. . . or we can adapt to suit you:


09.45   Coffee & Welcome

10.00   Introductions. What is time? How we perceive it, how we try to control it.

11.00   What we need, what we really need. Cutting out the crap.

12.00   Rising above the pressure: Relaxation exercise

12.30   Lunch             

13.30   The holistic approach: using our intuition as a guide

14.30   Case Study Exercise

16.00   Review: throwing away our watches

16.30      End of formal session


Facilitating the sessions will be Keith Beasley.  After 17 years in Quality Management, learning about business effectiveness (and lack of it!) Keith now teaches Reiki natural healing as a means of personal self development and uses his broad experience in both industry and the holistic sectors to help bring heart and soul back into our lives.


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Making Friends with Time
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