Psychic Development

If you feel that you have psychic gifts and abilities that you'd like to develop then this could be an ideal opportunity to do so. Over many years we've been exploring and expanding our own sixth senses and related parts of our minds and skills. We'll be pleased to help you on your developmental journey and to explore ways of using your abilities for the benefit of yourselves and others.

We can enable and encourage growth in your abilities to:

  • be intuitive - that 6th sense ability to just KNOW . . . whatever it is you need to know

  • heal - see my Reiki section

  • be a medium - spiritual communications

  • dowse and use a wide range of divinations - for obtaining insight into your own and others' lives (See my divi FAQ!)


if you have a particular gift, or have been told you have abilities in such area as these, do please contact me to discuss how we can help you make full use of these vital parts of the whole, real, you.


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