Paths to Enlightenment

The more different paths to 'a better you' that I've explored, the more I feel that ANY path that we tread with commitment will help us to become more whole, more complete, more true to who we really are. And if that isn't becoming more aware, more enlightened then I don't know what is!

Whatever path you're already on, if any . . . be it therapeutic, religious, artistic . . . or some combination, we're happy to respect and support you on that path . . . whilst helping you to explore YOU. Sometimes attaching ourselves to a specific path or technique can, of itself, hold us back. For those willing to rise above a particular school of thought and engage in their own unique journey towards enlightenment, then we can guide and support you in that process.

In these sessions we look at enlightenment and growth from the point of a view of a particular question in your life, for example:

Where Next? - Helping you through difficult decisions

Mentoring for writers, painters and other artists
- for personal and professional development

Healing Art - our unique approach to obtaining insight and direction


And/or we can offer formal training or workshop sessions in:

Reiki healing
some would say an ideal path to Enlightenment

Divination and physic development


In each case, we not only help you through any 'here and now' questions but provide you with tools and an approach to use once back home.

Put all this together and these sessions become a residential Spiritual Coaching opportunity.


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