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Transcendendent Experiences

Understanding . . . and making the most of . . . our evolving consciousness.

 It came as quite a shock when, in my late twenties and having been educated as a scientist and engineer, I began having experiences 'beyond the ordinary'.  I had to accept that there was more to life than things we could rationally explain. So began my phase as a 'seeker' . . . after truth . . . and understanding about a deeper reality of life, and my own place in it.

At the end of 2008 I began formally studying this topic as a post-graduate researcher at Bangor University in Wales. I was relieved to find not only much support for my hypotheses from established texts, but a whealth of experiential evidence. This page introduces and links to information about my research activities. With my thesis now completed, this web-site forms part of my public-engagment of the research findings. If you have any questions or comments,
please contact me.


Research background and information

My thesis: Summary and key points (pdf); Full text (pdf, as submitted and approved)


Presentations made at conferences: (.ppt PowerPoint files)

10-12th Sept 2010 Human Nature: a healing experience (workshop) and Personal development and natural evolution: the role of transcendent experiences (paper) presented at Nature and Human Nature ,CEP 2010 Annual Conference, St. Anne’s College, Oxford.

17-19th Sept 2010 The Experience of Mandalas (workshop presenter) Alister Hardy Society All Wales Groups, Llantarnam Abbey, Cwmbran.

21st Sept 2010 Wanted! Post-postmodern Attitudes Human Behaviour and Climate Change PG Conference, Cardiff University.

24-25th Sept 2010 And then what? How to assimilate Extraordinary Experiences, and why (paper) presented at Exploring the Extraordinary Conference, York University.

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